Rack Cards

Double Side Full Colour – Rack Cards with great value.
Rack Cards are an excellent tool in advertising a business. They work so well because they are eye-catching and guaranteed to leave an impression wherever they are placed. On top of that, they also require a low printing cost. Hence, they are able to effectively spearhead practically all types of promotional activities for the companies they’re promoting.
All motels need rack cards. A motel’s rack card must bear the location, attractions, and room rates. The motel’s features should be enumerated (starting with the most important ones) to existing guests and potential guests. You can record a minimum of five and up to eight features of the motel in the rack card. However, you have to keep in mind that this may vary based on your list of directions, attractions, map, and reservation instructions.
Rack Cards in New Zealand are frequently utilized by businesses to push for greater tourist rates and for other travel-connected enterprises and activities. They can also be used to serve many other functions besides commerce.
However, it’s not enough to have rack cards. Since all motels have them, we have come up with a way to ensure that they stand apart from the mundane rack cards of other establishments (your competitors). You can make your rack cards stand out from your competitors, thanks to our clear and fresh printing quality.
Double sided full color rack cards are among our flagship products. We challenge you to find better printing quality at the same price as our double sided full color rack cards. Most of our competitors’ printers utilize coarse and uncoated stock for the back side. We are proud to say that our product is an alluring four-color process on both sides and capped off with an aqueous layered finish. Contact us and see the difference.

Get your business into a new market, leverage your retail space by adding a rack for attractive glossy rack cards. Customers will love to take away a beautifully printed rack card with your logo, branding and contact details.

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