Magnetic Strip Business Cards

You are probably carrying several of these style of cards in your wallet right now. Magnetic strip plastic cards have many uses, from credit cards, ATM cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, membership cards … the list goes on and on.

Most commonly these cards work by being swiped or “read” by a card reader at the point of sale. The data read from the card identifies the holder of the card in the computer database which then makes the information available at the point of sale for the operator . The database can contain account, membership, loyalty or discount information relating to the card holder using the card.

There are also specialty magnetic strip cards that actually store information on “data track” that exist within strip itself for use in a similar way to that described above.

Extra design features can be included in your card setup such transparent areas, metallic finishes or embossed characters (again like a credit card).

Design features such as highest quality PVC material for the cards construction, exceptional quality four colour print are standard with all our plastic cards. Your graphic artist or marketing team can supply us with the high a quality PDF, PSD or illustrator file of your finished artwork or our in house designers can help you with the finished artwork for small fee.

You client will be impressed, you will achieve professional reliability and you’ll never regret your investment in our highest quality magnetic strip plastic business cards.

Contact us today to discuss the best possible price for plastic magnetic stripe cards today. Our friendly New Zealand team is ready now to answer your questions.

Please note we have a 500 unit minimum order for this product!

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