Plastic Case USB Flash Drives

Advertising and marketing are very important strategies to promote a business. Many companies are using USB flash drives for the sake of promotion of their businesses and these personalized, stylish, and attractive flash drives are excellent means to that. USB flash drives become an excellent promotional product since they help in improving the image and name of the companies. The companies distribute these durable and handy USBs to their existing and prospective clients to grow and strengthen business relations.

Promotional merchandizing is a blooming industry nowadays fulfilling the needs of corporate sector and in this regard, Plastic Housing USB flash drives are unique and high quality products. You can get these usb flash drives in wide range of colours, forms and shapes that are all sturdy and durable. The Plastic Housing USB flash drives are constructed by using high-grade plastic that can be moulded into many desirable shapes. If you are the owner of a company or run a business, consider these USB flash drives distributed among your business contacts to take the full advantage of this advertising medium.

With the distribution of these promotional USB flash drives with your business logo, contact information and slogan you can be sure that next time the people have some business they will come to you. It will be very convenient for a person to call or contact you since they will have a customized USB drive with them to remember you. The more people who see your brand name the more they will be driven towards you.

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-391 -383
#391 Available in Black Silver and Red #383 Available in Black Blue and White
-385 -394
#386 Available in White Black Blue Red and Clear #394 Available in Black Red and Blue
-393 -384
#393 Available in White or Black #384 Available in White Only
-386 -390
#386 Available in Black Blue Red Green & Yellow #390 Available only in Black
-389 -397
#389 Available in Green only #397 Available in Black Red Blue Green and Silver
-387 -396
#387 Available in Black Blue Red Green & Yellow #396 Avaiable in Black Red Blue Green and Silver
-388COB -392
#388COB Full Colour Custom Print Both Sides #392 Available only in Red
#395 Available in Black Red and Blue

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Please note that we have a 100 Unit minimum order for all USB Flash Drives.

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