DVD & CD Production

If you’ve been wanting to outsource the time consuming task of DVD duplication, here we are to your rescue.

We provide replication and duplication services for all types of DVD5, DVD9, and CD. On top of that, we can deliver right to your doorstep wherever you are in New Zealand. We offer an inclusive array of services: optical, audio media, software, DVD-ROM, audio CD-ROM, and DVD/CD packaging. Not only that, we also do DVD/CD silk screening and offset printing, as well as full-service packaging and shrink wrapping. We’ve got all your business printing and media needs covered!

We have all the answers to end your media DVD/CD duplication and replication headaches. Our employees adhere to stringent quality control procedures in order to produce the highest quality of products with the most satisfactory customer service.

Our ambition is to turn our clients’ ideas into reality. We work hand in hand with our customers, ensuring that they are aware as we move to each step of the process. We will even ask for your feedback and suggestions so that we can create a product that both you as the customer and us as the producer, can be very proud of. We are aware of how important your needs are so we strive to satisfy your needs. We will be more than happy to exceed your demands.

We offer the best in terms of QUALITY, PRICE, and SERVICE!
Our services are available wherever you are in New Zealand. We also deliver to all areas in the country.
Our quick turnaround time of 7-18 working days from receiving the master disk is among the best in the industry. (This would also vary based on the task involved and the quantity of products that you order).

Business Card CDs/DVDs for your business

Hook your customers using Business Card CDs and DVDs!
With a business card-sized disk, you could store thousands of pages of data, inspiring short movies or movie clips, and powerful PowerPoint presentations. Another bonus is that you get to save A LOT of paper and gain a lot of respect from your customers (and potential ones).

Business card CDs and mini CDs are perfect for sending information in a small and handy standard-sized CD or DVD. Their regular 3″ width is enough to contain a relatively large amount of data, presentations, and catalogs.

Business card CDs and DVDs are the perfect storage tools for:

  • Presentations
  • Sales
  • Catalogs
  • Multimedia content
  • Training Materials
  • Any other data that requires small to medium sizes of data capacity

Keep in mind that Business Card CDs and DVDs are worth all the effort if customers place them in their CD players and view/read/listen to the data stored in them. The valuable data that can be stored on a CD or DVD is not only bigger in quantity but also more powerfully presented compared to the data in a normal business card (which cost less but has less impact).

If your organisation prefers Business Card CDs over other tools in marketing, you may freely choose among the following items which to store on your disc: audio files, video files, Flash animation files, annual reports, and other content that can help you climb the ladders in your industry.

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Please note we have a 500 unit minimum order for this product!

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