Plastic Combo Cards

Plastic combo cards have the benefit of having both a large card, as well as two smaller cards that can be fixed easily onto key chains or key rings. The large card can be easily carried in a wallet or other like carrier. These cards are the perfect solution for a loyalty program, or other membership program where having the card is essential to gaining benefits at the point of use. The benefit of having two small cards with each larger card is that a family member can make use of the card as well, if allowed, without having to track down the card holder and obtain it from them.

In the event that the larger card is lost or forgotten, the smaller cards are usable in it’s place. This gives the consumer the advantage of flexibility. They don’t have to worry about forgetting the larger card at home, as they can keep the smaller card attached directly to their keys for use at any moment. Or they can use the small card entirely, leaving the large card at home unless absolutely necessary. The options available to the consumer provide an incentive for them to use their card, as opposed to not using one at all. The option of keeping the other card on a spare set of keys, or in the car, is also there, which gives a large degree of flexibility.

The uses for the cards extend far beyond a loyalty program, however. They can be used to gain access to special events, or other programs, where the cards are issued to select people only. There are many innovative options available when combo cards are used, and the possibilities are limited only by the needs of the company. These cards are applicable for anything from tracking the purchases of a consumer to providing discounts and other incentives. They can even be used to keep track of members for exclusive clubs and organizations, which would allow for greater security, and make it easier to ensure control over entry to exclusive or private areas of an organization if essential to operations.

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