Full Colour Brochures

Do you need attractive Brochures Printed in bulk for your company? Leave the work to us!
Giving away glossy and full-color brochures is one of your safest bets in gaining more customers and increasing your brand’s visibility. Brochures have the power to enhance a company’s profile, disseminate knowledge about an upcoming affair, advertise assorted merchandise, and do many other things. Research has proven that consumers or the public in general become aware of a company or organisation only when it is represented in print form. Now you can see how printing and distributing 4-color glossy brochures can set you apart from the ‘wannabe’ companies in the blink of an eye. In addition to that, you can choose from a variety of sizes the one that truly matches your purposes in printing a brochure.

Brochures should have a print quality that is clear and colourful, while the card stock must be strong and thick. Choosing a company that produces such brochures would ensure you of professional and high quality finished products. Our company uses photo quality printers and adheres to stringent standards to create brochures that are masterpieces that even we are proud of claiming. We encourage you to contact us in the soonest possible time to see how great our company brochure prints are.

Most organisations choose to have 297mm x 21 mm brochures printed for them. Each brochure is folded up into three parts, to maximize visual capacity. The company brochures may utilize full colour printing on both sides (if you choose).
The 150 gsm gloss art is our most popular type, thanks to its smooth texture and lightness. If you needed our company can print up to 70-80 or even 90 gsm to help economise.

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