Flash Drives

During the past months, our company has been developing different types of high quality USB flash drives at very affordable prices. The efforts have made it simple for clients to get the correct drive suited to their needs at the best available price. Our clients are given a choice of printing their company symbol and phone numbers on the flash drives and these are available in four different colors. Our flash drives provide companies an excellent opportunity to market their trade names to their existing and potential clients making a good impression on the receiver of these pen drives. Our new range of portable drives can be used as an excellent present for your customers and professional associates. Our attractive flash drives look good and tasteful, and are very sturdy and last longer. The option of personalizing the drives enables you to provide your customers with a high rate of brand recall.

We offer clients numerous options with fashionable models to create a lasting impression. We have flash drives that are environmental-friendly and we have drives available in metallic, plastic and leather casings. Additionally, our ultra thin drives are in great demand.These drives offer good compatability and can work with USB 2.0 and 1.1 and can also transmit files at a speed of 30 MB per second. In addition, the pen drives are powered by the USB port and do not require external power supply. The flash drives require no installation as they can be attached and detached at every use. Our USB flash drives are made of high quality storage materials and have a very high rate of data retention.

Our latest flash drives have excellent features and are available in exciting colors and exclusive designs. For more information on our flash drive features and other related information, please

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Exclusive Designs create a great first impression, click here to see more of our new exclusive range of Elite Flash Drives.
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Please note that we have a 100 Unit minimum order for all USB Flash Drives.

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