Plastic Discount Cards

Promote your business, reward current customers and attract new ones, and gain valuable customer information today by using plastic discount cards.

Plastic discount cards prominently promote your business or organization and can be issued with your company name, organization, and logo. They can be created to establish a broad range of looks and functionality, including barcodes, encoding, and holograms, just to name a few. If you prefer, your own camera-ready artwork can be used. Organizations of all types use this perfect tool to promote themselves, including:

• Sports teams,
• Merchants,
• Associations,
• Boy and Girl Scouts,
• Youth Groups,
• Restaurants,
• Health clubs,
• Spas and salons,
• Automotive dealerships,
• Many, many more.

It is a great feeling to receive a thank you for your business, and a plastic discount card is a great opportunity to reward customers for their loyalty. Everyone is always looking for a bargain or deal, and your customers will feel especially rewarded to receive a discount card. These cards can also attract new customers who are always on the lookout for a bargain.

Another important aspect of the plastic discount cards is the fact that they can also gather information on the buying habits of your customers and generate a wealth of detailed information spelled out in monthly reports. This information can then be used in marketing efforts to help generate additional revenue.

The truth is this card is a unique opportunity to extend your marketing efforts beyond the store and clipped coupons to a guerilla-marketing level. With the advent of the QR (Quick Response) codes and the continuing growth of the mobile world we live in, you can continue to re-attract customers long after they have left your physical location with the addition of a QR code on your discount card.

Finally, there’s no worry about the washing machine with “plastic” cards, and they are a constant advertisement within your customer’s wallet! There are cards available, too, which meet any budget.

From its conception to the final product, we provide knowledgeable customer service, quality workmanship, and every job is done quickly and efficiently. We insure that each card is exactly what is ordered and needed. We value our customers and pride ourselves on the service we provide, and a returning customer is the best reward we can achieve.

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